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PHARMACOVIGILANCE |19- July, 2017 | Start Time 15:10 CET

The webinar brings in experts and enthusiasts from the Field of Pharmacovigilance and Drug safety to discuss about Drug Safety and Signal Discussion. The course will teach basic concepts of signal detection and signal management and how to apply them within the participant’s functions.

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HR PEOPLE AND STRATEGY | 18- August, 2017 | Start Time 15:10 CET
In a world where tomorrow is already history, how can HR executives stay ahead of the curve to anticipate organizational change? The Webinar brings in a dynamic group of influential business and thought leaders in a forward-thinking discussion around the critical role HR executives play in designing the organization of the future, to impact the practice of human resource management for business results, as well as deliver high-quality programming and services to all HR professionals, no matter where they are in their career.” Read More
HR ANALYTICS | 18- August 2017 | Start Time 15:10 CET
The modern Human Resources function collects vast quantities of data. Increasingly, this data presents an opportunity to create and utilize a wide range of metrics for recruitment and performance so does the challenge in comprehending them. The Webinar focuses on understanding key to Analytics and the Employee’s perception towards it. Read More

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