The objective of this 3-day Advanced Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage Management Excellence is to use the model of excellence for Turnarounds & the principles of challenge planning better equip attendees with an advanced approach to Turnaround management. This course is backed with real situations, high levels of interaction, group exercises & multiple case studies.


 “Optimising your Turnaround Management Strategy to Exceed Safety, Quality, Time and Cost Targets”


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• Understanding how turnaround management
•  Understanding how turnaround management fits within the wider maintenance and operating processes to support world class performance  
• Understanding the critical processes,
•  Understanding  the  critical  processes,  skills  and  tools  required  to  establish  outstanding  turnaround performances in their own environment
• Ability set out a framework
•  Ability  set  out  a  framework  (the  model  of  excellence)  that  provides  a  structured,  logical  explanation  of turnaround best practice, how to develop a local methodology and benchmark performance
• Providing a cradle to grave process
•  Providing  a  cradle  to  grave  process  for  turnaround  management  from  initial  concept  to  event  completion that will help plan work, manage risks and secure event goals
• Explaining the role of the steering team
•  Explaining the role of the steering team and how to develop a truly strategic and effective steering team
• Providing a vehicle to benchmark current
•  Providing  a  vehicle  to  benchmark  current  performances  and  practices  against  the  latest  planning  and management techniques and how to use audits to keep events on track
• Understanding of the principles of strategic
•  Understanding  of  the  principles  of  strategic  planning  and  how  to  convert  turnarounds  from  a  business nuisance to a business opportunity
• To provide a method to identify critical roles
•  To provide a method to identify critical roles, develop organisations for different events and ensure that this management techniques and how to use audits to keep events on track


Berlin | Germany  


21th, 22nd & 23rd Feb – 2018

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Euro 1998.00    

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Professional Trainer, Consultant

As the founder and owner of award winning consultancy  Carcharodon,  Laurie Dummett  is a renowned consultant and trainer.  learn more

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