About US

Who We Are

ArshBI  a division of Arshail Solutions  is young, pro­gres­sive and has fast become one of the lead­ing providers of busi­ness intel­li­gence through industry-specific con­fer­ences, webi­nars and skills enhance­ment train­ing courses.

Our goal is to link pro­fes­sion­als and pro­vide them with infor­ma­tion and ingre­di­ents to make good com­mer­cial judg­ments, busi­ness invest­ment con­tacts and a world of oppor­tu­ni­ties. Our reach is global-spanning serv­ing orga­ni­za­tions in the Mid­dle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

ArshBI deliv­ers the most infor­ma­tive and effec­tive busi­ness events by pro­vid­ing our part­ners with in-depth knowl­edge that makes a dif­fer­ence in their deci­sion mak­ing process and achieve a win­ning edge in today’s com­pet­i­tive busi­ness landscape.

Through our live and on-demand webi­nars, class-sized inten­sive cer­ti­fi­ca­tion courses, highly focused niche con­fer­ences and large scale sum­mits, ArshBI has brought together nearly 100,000 pro­fes­sion­als rep­re­sent­ing indus­tries includ­ing Secu­rity & Defense, Finance, Human Resources, Health, Safety & Envi­ron­ment, Life Sci­ences, Min­ing, Oil & Gas, Tele­com & IT, Trans­port, Util­i­ties, Sup­ply Chain & Logis­tics and Education.

We are com­mit­ted to pro­vide our part­ners — speak­ers, del­e­gates, exhibitors, spon­sors and sup­port­ers — a unique learn­ing expe­ri­ence where they can find stim­u­lat­ing top­ics, engag­ing con­ver­sa­tions and meet the biggest names within their field.


Why Us ?

Striv­ing for Excellence

In ArshBI, work doesn’t stop at deliv­ery of ser­vices. We con­tin­u­ously — Improve our processes — Improve skill sets of our work­force — Increase our capabilities.

Tech­nol­ogy Adaptability

We believe in adapt­ing quickly to the chang­ing envi­ron­ment and see every change and chal­lenge as an oppor­tu­nity to set us apart and dis­tin­guish ourselves.

Cus­tomer Focus

We are gain­ing essen­tial com­pet­i­tive advan­tage through our customer-focus processes.

Com­mit­ment to Quality

While retain­ing com­pet­i­tive rates we never com­pro­mise the quality of our services. A dedicated quality assurance department monitors project activities.


We offer unique sponsorship opportunities, on and off the exhibition floor, to enable you to attract your target audience in big numbers.

By participating in our business conferences and forums, as a partner, sponsor or exhibitor, you will be placing yourselves at the heart of the debate and ensure your solutions, services or products are at the forefront of the participant’s attention and consideration.

Face to face contact at conferences shows continued support of a market and helps you to develop client loyalty as well as cementing your position as a market leader.

Seven reasons why you should sponsor our events:

  • Intensive branding– online and offline – giving you direct access to our network of over large number of professionals.
  • Speaking slot to share your success story and gain attention of 100+ participants to listen to your expertise.
  • Exhibitions stand to showcase your products and schedule face-to-face meetings with your future clients.
  • Branding you as thought leader via sharing your expertise, white papers, blog and other materials among our database.
  • Unparalleled networking opportunity during coffee breaks, luncheon on strategically organized within exhibition area.
  • Many associate websites to extend business, networking and learning opportunities beyond the event floor.
  • Extensive networking and professional education opportunities to enhance your business and professional career.





  • Intensive branding 80%
  • Speaking slot 60%
  • Unparalleled networking opportunity 50%
  • Extensive networking and professional education opportunities 90%